The Escavox App

Used with the MyTracks platform, the app can manage your tracks, receive alerts, and operate offline when you are out of range. The app is exclusive to Escavox customers.

The new app has been developed with busy supply chain operators in mind, especially those who work with fresh food and other perishable consignments in the cold chain.

Now you have even sharper visibility of your produce in the supply chain from the convenience of your mobile phone, whether you’re on the farm, in the pack shed or DC, or working on the retail floor.

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Scan a tracker

The Escavox App allows you to…

Link data to your tracks on the run, anywhere, anytime. Add your order number, customer, shipping information, SKU details and photos.

Your customers can add data too, such as photos of your product when it arrives. Link data even when offline. Your phone will store and upload the link when back in range.

Receive alerts as notifications directly to your phone.

Subscribe or unsubscribe to phone and email notifications.

View the track that has generated the alert.

Got a tracker?

Visit the Escavox Data Centre, a place where you can check your battery, download data and organise the return of your multiple-use Blue Box trackers.

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