We only have one planet. We’re doing our part to look after our home.

A sustainable world is in all our interests. Increasing global awareness of sustainability and ethical food supply is increasing the desire to bring transparency to the supply chain relationship and make change.

The Escavox platform provides consistent, verifiable, independent data that all supply chain participants can use collaboratively to improve their operations, with the overall goal of improving the quality outcome for the end consumer, while optimising costs, increasing profitability, and reducing waste.

Food miles


Inefficient food transport will need more attention from the fresh produce industry if there is any chance of reducing emissions from food miles in the future.

It is difficult for food producers to know what their transport carbon impact is due to the fragmented nature of the supply chain. If we don’t measure it, we will have no way of managing it. Deploying Escavox technology is one, easy step you can take towards measuring and managing emissions in your supply chain, while putting you at the forefront of industry action to reduce the global supply chain’s carbon footprint.

Experts agree how food is handled in the supply chain is more important than the distance travelled when it comes to restraining carbon emissions. Escavox can measure your carbon footprint to help you build a more energy and cost-efficient supply chain.

Food miles account for 6% of all global emissions.

Food waste

Poor visibility of fresh supply chains leads to inefficiency and food waste.

The complex and dynamic nature of cold chains prevents easy collection and access to data, which makes this visibility possible. Many producers lack the technical or financial ability to deploy solutions; even the simplest journeys involve multiple carriers and transit locations. There is extensive consolidation and redistribution of products as they approach point of sale, and each category, channel and retailer, has their own standards and metrics. To date the problem has not been solved, just hidden.

Increasing global awareness on sustainability and ethical food supply is increasing the desire to bring transparency to this relationship and make change.

Escavox has re-imagined the problem by looking at the supply chain from the point of view of the product, not the participants. This simple, but important shift in perspective, changes the nature of the solution being offered.

Escavox links the retailer to the producer for mutual commercial benefit – which results in better product for the consumer while automatically reducing waste.


As people want to know more about how their food is produced and handled in the supply chain, Escavox attracts keen interest from many media outlets.

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