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We give a voice to fresh food in the supply chain to help you make better informed decisions.


Let the power of data help you consistently deliver fresh quality product, reduce losses and protect your brand.

What we do

Escavox generates data that gives your food a voice in the supply chain.


This complete data story is available for every link of the fresh food supply chain, providing ‘one source of truth’ to inform decisions about day-to-day operations and longer-term strategic investments.

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WATCH this video to find out how fresh produce suppliers benefit from the Escavox service.

what you get  ...

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visibility of the supply chain
 - easy to see
temp and dwell time through different legs of the chain

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the ability to identify and predict
fresh food supply

chain issues

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the information to help you deliver fresh quality product from farm to retail shelf every time

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a reduction in quality
loss, safety stock by understanding and addressing issues better

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greater insights –
see performance of
all your suppliers /
customers and the
quality of supply chain they provide

features that give you more

more power in your hands

Escavox has launched the world’s first automated red meat shelf-life calculator, putting more power in the hands of producers and processors who need real-time information on how their chilled beef and lamb products are performing in the supply chain. You can read more about the calculator here

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Scan your Tracker

You may have noticed the Scan your Tracker “sticky button” on our website. Click on the button then follow the prompts that will ask you to hold the QR code on your Blue Box Tracker up to your smart device camera. You’ll then be linked to all the data that your Blue Box Tracker has collected on its journey, delivering you supply chain intelligence quickly and conveniently.

tech integration

At Escavox, we strive to show amazing insights and analytics to our customers. As part of this, we are developing our platform to become device agnostic. We are currently investigating how to allow our customers to upload data from other devices, such as USBs and track telemetry, so they can have access to all their data in one place. This will allow us to gain deeper insights from the data these devices collect.

If you would like to explore how to use external data with us to help please contact your customer account manager, or email

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re-useable trackers

Due to the global pandemic impacting supply chains and labour management, electronic components have suffered increased pricing and decreased inventory, which is expected to continue into 2022. We have secured components for device needs and have managed to avoid a negative impact to our pricing. In addition, our reusable Blue Box Trackers and highly effective returns program has also ensured that our fleet is maintained. Talk to your Customer Account Manager about our re-use programs.


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Improved supply chain performance - reduced rejections, loss and waste

Improved brand performance and customer satisfaction

Improved efficiency by automatically integrating other essential product data

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Nici Sanderson,  Escavox co-founder and chief customer officer.

quality produce has a voice 

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