Escavox tracking service

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low cost, easy-to-use, automated tracking

Utilising our Blue Box trackers, which travel with the product, data related to temperature, time & location is collected as the product makes its way through the supply chain from farm to retail shelf.

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a secure data plaform 

Tracking data is automatically collected and curated on a secure online data platform, through which customer's can easily access their data. 

simple dashboards & smart analytics

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Simple dashboards allow visibility of the conditions to which produce has been exposed, at different legs in the supply chain. 

The smart analytics employed allow: 

  • cool chain integrity to be demonstrated

  • any issues with individual shipments to be easily identified, so quick and informed decisions can be made about management of product

  • data can be easily aggregated to help indentify systemic issues.

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collaboration with supply chain partners 

Customers can choose to share data with other supply chain partners, within the secure environment, if they wish.

how it works

  • Simply place the Blue Box tracker in a carton of produce when it's harvested or packed.
    We recommend one Blue Box tracker in one carton per pallet for higher value perishable products.


  • The Blue Box records relevant data at one hour intervals and travels untouched with the produce through the supply chain until it is displayed on the retail shelf.

  • The retailer collects the Blue Box and returns it to Escavox.

  • To see the journey of the product, access data and dashboards via Escavox's  secure online data platform.

quality produce has a voice 

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