Escavox is highly engaged in the research and development activity of key industry groups focused on improving the movement of food in the supply chain. 

Our research partnerships across commodities are helping to deliver fresher and safer food, greater supply chain efficiency, reduced costs, waste and energy, and improved market access.

Escavox chief operating officer Nici Sanderson with Long Huynh and Ian Jenson from Meat and Livestock Australia’s (MLA) Food Safety and Market Access group and Simone Tully, director of Australian Organic Meats, at the joint MLA-Escavox launch of research findings into red meat shelf life.

Our Reports


MLA Report April 2021

Proof of concept for international cold chain monitoring and automated reporting

Proof of concept for international cold chain monitoring and automated reporting Page 7 of 65 1. Background The MLA shelf life model for Vacuum pack (VP) chilled beef and lamb has been developed and tested.

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MLA Report April 2021

Temperature control key to saving red meat exporters thousands in claims

Australian beef and lamb exporters can extract additional shelf-life days from their products and avoid costly losses in customer claims if they adhere to independent and automated tracking of their consignments during transport.

The finding is among several results announced by Meat & Livestock Australia, after analysing beef and lamb exports over nine months using technology from Australian supply chain intelligence provider, Escavox.

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MLA Report October 2020

Commercial application of supply chain integrity and shelf life systems

Meat & Livestock Australia has released a report highlighting the red meat industry’s need to “catch-up” to other food category managers who are monitoring their supply chains more closely in a bid to improve food safety and quality and protect brand integrity. Adopting Escavox technology and analysis is highlighted in the report as an effective way for the industry to sharpen its supply chain performance. The full 136-page report is here, but pages 109-120 will explain in detail how Escavox is helping red meat suppliers step up to the plate.

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MLA Report July 2020

Supply chain technology assists red meat’s waste-saving mission

A recent MLA project, which studied 100 Australian red meat supply chain legs in detail, aimed to define the commercial benefit of continuous cold chain monitoring of red meat from abattoir through the supply chain to retail shelf for the Australian Red Meat industry. One of the key findings, in the chains measured, was that shelf life of vacuum skin packed (VSP) meat is considerably longer than current industry ‘Best Before’ dates and there is a risk of product being marked down or destroyed too quickly.

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As people want to know more about how their food is produced and handled in the supply chain, Escavox attracts keen interest from many media outlets.

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