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Smart Business: Data Enhancing the Supply Chain  ( Food & Drink Business Sept - Oct 2020)

One of Australia's largest vertically integrated fresh produce businesses is utilising the Escavox service to improve supply chain efficiency in their premium avocado category. Costa Group has made significant investments in supply chain upgrades based on the data from Escavox tracking and insights. The story of the Escavox-Costa Group collaboration is published in the October edition of Food & Drink Business magazine and available here with thanks to Yaffa Media Group.  Read the full article...

The Temperature management throughout the supply chain—how is industry tracking ( Mango Matters July 2020) Last season Australian Mangoes, with the assistance of Escavox, tracked 82 mango consignments to gain a better understanding of the conditions in which mangoes travel on their journey from the packhouse to the main markets across Australia. Last season was the first in a three season initiative which seeks to improve overall supply chain performance of the industry. The data generated by tracking mangoes on their journey from packhouse to the supply chain over these three years will inform and guide industry in the development of Best Practice Resources..”  Read the full article...


The Avolution targets waste reductional food supply chains open ( Produce Plus  e-newsletter 24 June 2020)

Antony Allen, chief executive of The Avolution, said the gains for his business would be achieved by assessing every link in the cool chain from packhouse to retail shelf and making quick adjustments as the information is relayed in real time. “It’s like closed-circuit television for your supply chain,” Allen said. “For us it’s a tool that gives us the information to share with all of our supply chain partners so that we can do better at every point of the supply chain journey.  It’s giving us the ability to refine and improve all of the supply chain management processes - essentially a whole of cool chain response that has quality for the consumer at its heart.”  Read the full article...


Ag exporters chill out as new temp tracker technology reassures buyers ( farmonline website 23 June 2020)

 With air cargo space harder to secure and expensive, farm sector exporters are taking a fresh look at refrigerated sea freight, and like what they are discovering.  By using new supply chain temperature monitoring technology, exporters and their customers have found chilled meat and horticultural products arrive in foreign supermarkets just as tasty and safe as ever, despite the longer travel times.  
Read the full article...


Escavox helps keep global food supply chains open ( Austrade website June 2020)

The technology from Escavox is proving particularly significant in the current environment where exporters are being forced to consider sea freight as their key mode of transport while air travel remains heavily restricted. 'The Escavox system will give us irrefutable data to pass onto our customers that the product from Australia will be fine in-transit and will have good shelf-life as long as temperature consistency is maintained through the chain,' Tully says. 'It's important to our business that we give them this reassurance. The customers can be even more confident of Australia's world-leading quality using ocean shipping than ever before.'  Read the full article...


Data loggers aid in chilled export beef performance (Beef Central  5 June 2020)

With a growing proportion of Australian red meat leaving these shores in retail-ready chilled form, next generation data-loggers are providing greater insight into cold-chain performance once the product leaves the processing plant. 

A pilot trial using Escavox logging devices and data management systems focused on chilled portioned cuts and beef and lamb primals in VSP. The technology delivers exporters valuable, data-driven insights into how their red meat consignments perform in transit, helping retailers to retain product in market for longer than currently prescribed. Read the full article...


The Australian technology tracing fresh produce data from farm to retail shelf (Fresh Plaza 29 May 2020)

Growing Australian supply chain tracking technology is constantly surprising fresh produce businesses with the level of transparency in the supply chain, according to its founding company Escavox. CEO Luke Wood says the innovative system gives food suppliers more information to better manage the food journey from farm to retail shelf, and every time that clients are presented with the data, they are quite often impressed with the findings. "If you are in the fresh produce business, you don’t want waste, because waste is the measure of your supply chain’s inefficiency,” he said. “And it doesn’t matter who you are in the supply chain – the less waste you produce the better. Read the full article...


Using data to define best practice in the supply chain ( Mango Matters January 2020)

During the 2019/20 season Australian Mangoes started tracking mango consignments to gain a better understanding of the conditions in which mangoes travel on their journey from the packhouse to the main markets across Australia. This is a three-year initiative which seeks to improve overall supply chain performance of the industry. Knowing that poor postharvest temperature management and extended time in the supply chain are two of the most critical elements that negatively impact produce quality and consequently consumer demand, the aim of this activity is to establish a benchmark of industry performance against industry best practice.  Read the full article...

Data driven ( Produce Plus Winter 2019)

Luke Wood, CEO and co-founder of start-up Escavox, tells Produce Plus why objective data holds the key to overcoming inadequacies in the fresh supply chain. "The challenges can be significant, both in financial terms and reputational risk. Without a reliable supply chain with full transparency, we will continue to have loss of value, or waste. We continue to risk increased costs and impact on consumer demand due to poor and inconsistent quality being presented. With an estimated A$20bn in food waste across Australia per year, gaining greater insight into the supply chain itself will have a huge impact." 

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Commercial application of supply chain integrity and shelf life systems ( MLA Report October 2020) 

Meat & Livestock Australia has released a report highlighting the red meat industry's need to "catch-up" to other food category managers who are monitoring their supply chains more closely in a bid to improve food safety and quality and protect brand integrity. Adopting Escavox technology and analysis is highlighted in the report as an effective way for the industry to sharpen its supply chain performance. The full 136-page report is here, but pages 109-120 will explain in detail how Escavox is helping red meat suppliers step up to the plate. Read the full report here ...

Supply chain technology assists red meat's waste-saving mission ( MLA Report July 2020) 

A recent MLA project, which studied 100 Australian red meat supply chain legs in detail, aimed to define the commercial benefit of continuous cold chain monitoring of red meat from abattoir through the supply chain to retail shelf for the Australian Red Meat industry. One of the key findings, in the chains measured, was that shelf life of vacuum skin packed (VSP) meat is considerably longer than current industry ‘Best Before’ dates and there is a risk of product being marked down or destroyed too quickly.  
Read the full report here ...

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