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NEW FRONTIER: The future of moving food has arrived 

Escavox is forging data-driven ecosystems that are shaping supply chains of the future.

An 18-month project for fresh produce business Costa Group, with tech company Escavox, has shifted its supply chain to the “next level”, including its premium avocado brand, Lovacado

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GLOBAL FIT: How an Aussie supply chain solution is right for the world

Until now, there has been no simple or cheap way of collecting, analysing, or using real-time data on variables like temperature and time across an entire supply-chain. Australian food data supplier Escavox has developed an innovative monitoring technology that shines a light on where and when fresh food quality and value suffers – and hence how waste can be avoided.

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NEW HORIZONS: Why supply chain improvement will deliver the food industry’s quick wins

Most of the world’s food is travelling thousands of kilometres through a complex distribution network often hidden from plain sight that is leaving suppliers in the dark and consumers with inconsistent quality. 

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SPOILER ALERT: Why focusing on food quality first will reduce waste

If we can manage our chains to give the consumer the freshest food, efficiency increases, while waste reduces. Commercial goals and sustainability targets are therefore not mutually exclusive. The tools to achieve both are ready for use, and early adopters are reaping the rewards.

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BLIND DATES: Why Escavox could spell the end of the ‘best before’ system as we know it

WATCH the Channel 9 News clip here

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CHOICE CUT: Escavox launches world-first tech for red meat suppliers

An automated calculator by Escavox that shows in real-time how many days shelf-life are left on chilled beef and lamb while in transit is being hailed as a ‘game-changer’ throughout the red meat industry.

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Red meat shelf-life calculator goes live

Automated calculator saves shelf-life guesswork

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YOUR SHOUT: Why your food needs to be heard

The closer your food gets to the consumer, the higher its value increases, which is when the risks to its integrity and quality are also at their peak. Escavox CEO Luke Wood explains how you can offer your food the best protection.

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FORWARD FOCUS: How real-time data is revealing the secret life of food

The Avolution CEO Antony Allen says real-time data from Escavox is like “closed-circuit television for your supply chain”, providing accurate information on which to build operational improvements.

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CHILL OUT: Escavox technology reassures buyers

With air cargo space harder to secure and expensive during the hardest months of the global pandemic, food exporters take a fresh look at refrigerated sea freight, and like what they are discovering.

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MAKING WAVES: Escavox helps keep global shipping open

The technology from Escavox is proving particularly significant in the current environment where exporters are being forced to consider sea freight as their key mode of transport while air travel remains heavily restricted.

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GENERATION NEXT: Escavox aids chilled export beef performance

With a growing proportion of Australian red meat leaving in retail-ready chilled form, next generation data-loggers are providing greater insight into cold-chain performance once the product leaves the processing plant.

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AMERICAN EXPRESS: US farm leaders pick Escavox for market access program

A US program designed to assist some of the world's most exciting agtech businesses access market pathways via business networks in the key farming state of Iowa, has included Escavox among the rising international cohort. Read more here

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TECH STARS: Global IoT provider cites Escavox as a gold standard global player

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WORLD CLASS: Escavox technology prepares new generation

A CQUniversity-led program, with the help of Escavox, is helping to bring the dynamic world of global supply chain management to classrooms in a bid to motivate students to aspire to a career in agriculture, particularly beyond the farm gate.
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