Our Service

Think of the Escavox service as closed-circuit television for your supply chain.

We follow your food across country or across the globe on road, rail, sea or by air, so that you get the unvarnished truth about what your food is experiencing. Whether it is a good or bad experience, we will then also explain where, when, why and how your food has been affected.

The Benefits

Say goodbye to the sting of downgrades or product loss by working with Escavox.

Combined with IoT driven technology and smart algorithms, the Escavox system is powered by experts from diverse backgrounds, who are passionate about fresh food, supply chain efficiency and sustainability. You get real-time data relayed to your smart device or PC on an easy-to-read dashboard that tells you where your product is and what it is experiencing on its supply chain journey from anywhere in the world. Our team will then help you apply this knowledge to your unique situation. They are here to help you be your best.

Stop the pain of rejection.

We monitor a wide variety of produce including:

Who is Escavox for?

Whether growing, packing,
carrying or selling, if you want more control over your supply chain, then Escavox is for you.

Supply chains are long and complex with many participants. Escavox data provides one source of truth about the food’s supply chain experience, allowing all interested parties to collaborate and leverage the information for their benefit.

It is a whole-of-cool-chain response with quality at its heart.

“The difference I found with Escavox is they understand the technology is just a tool that’s really about helping us become better businesses.”

Watch this video as two of Australia’s biggest fresh produce companies share their Escavox experience.

With global reach, Escavox technology focuses on what your food needs while in-transit to achieve optimum results.

Supplying food at optimum quality is the key to reducing costs and eradicating waste.

This is best achieved by deploying Escavox trackers, which continuously monitor time, temperature, light, humidity, and location as food travels from its point of origin to destination.

The collected data is captured and conveyed in real-time on a secure, easy-to-read data platform tailored to each customer and their specific product category.

The data you can access

Lack of supply chain visibility makes it near impossible to improve supply chain performance.

To solve the problem we create consistent, accessible, and timely data pathways across the entire cold chain, not just one leg. Our proprietary Mytracks platform is an AI engine that collates sensor, spatial and reference data to produce real time insights about the performance of a cold chain.

This can be as simple as alerts for temperature breaches or as complex as predicting the shelf life of the product given the nature of the journey. The software shows each leg of the complete journey, allowing users to know not only what the problem is, but which link in the supply chain is failing. It also compiles multiple journeys to create seasonal and long-term analysis allowing strategic decisions to be made.

Reports and analysis

Escavox provides ‘Decision Support’ analysis that dives deeper into the data and presents easy to understand insights.

Your food’s unique experience in the supply chain helps guide decision making if you are considering upgrades or are investigating where critical failures may have occurred. Decision Support will allow you and your team to quickly share data with your logistics partners, to assist in strengthening or overhauling your cool chain infrastructure or procedures.