Our Difference

We understand fresh food supply chains. With Escavox you get meaningful, actionable insights, not raw data and dots on a map.

Supply chains are our speciality. We also know a lot about data – how to get it, how to report it and how to interpret it. When combined, we help you understand how your supply chain works and how it impacts your product so that you can make adjustments, big or small, to improve performance.

Why use Escavox

Until Escavox there was no way to automatically analyse your end to end supply chain data to reach decision points. It was too hard, too expensive or too time consuming to do this.

This lack of visibility meant opportunities to reduce inefficiency and costs in the supply chain, and to protect the quality and freshness of the product, were lost.

Having the right data to identify supply chain inefficiencies and problem areas is critical to drive improvement.

Food suppliers of all sizes suffer product damage and loss, adding to a global $1 trillion cost annually.

Together, we can stop the rot.

Why Escavox is unique


World leading automated reporting and analytics

Simple dashboards allow visibility of the conditions to which produce has been exposed, at different legs in the supply chain.

Low cost, easy-to-use, automated tracking

Escavox Blue Box Trackers require zero-touch to operate. Simply place your allocated device with your food and the Blue Box Tracker will do the rest: collecting and conveying temperature, time and location data to you in real time.

Start tracking tomorrow!

A secure data platform

Tracking data is automatically collected and curated on a secure online data platform, which is easily accessed via PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Collaboration with supply chain partners

Customers can choose to share data with other supply chain partners, within the secure environment, if they wish.

See your product in real time


See the progress of your product and hear how it is faring on its supply chain journey thanks to the ingenuity of the Blue Box Tracker conveying data directly to your PC or smart device dashboard in real time.

Fast, simple, effective relief from supply chain pain.


Escavox team onboards new customers, despatching devices to nominated pack locations. Quick, easy set-up that's done for you.

Rapid, hassle free, zero capex, zero tech.

Producers place a device in consignments at point of pack – irrespective of destination.

Simple, consistent process with no buttons to push and no changes to existing operations required.

Data analysis is automatic - generating insights and alerts as required.

Insights provided in real time.

Device is returned from retailer and re-enters the Escavox pool.

Re-usable devices relieves landfill of unwanted plastic, while saving you money via a returns rebate.

Start tracking tomorrow!

Escavox continues to develop new ideas and evolve its functionality in collaboration with customers and industry partners. We are currently enhancing our service in the following areas:

ESG reporting

Food miles, CO2 use, and waste in chain.

Product performance

Shelf life and quality calculators.

Import and export protocol

Compliance, market access and core temperature monitoring.

Escavox regularly engages in industry projects and trials to apply its technology in different commodities and settings for the betterment of overall supply chain management.

If there is an aspect of your operation that could be improved through better control of your supply chain, please get in touch.

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Where are we connected to your industry?

Escavox data is tried and tested in real-world supply chain environments.

We work in concert with industry leaders and R&D programs to bring you a better service.

Only by learning together can we effect change.

Escavox and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) worked together in 2021 to validate MLA’s algorithm for extending shelf life of chilled, vacuum-packed beef and lamb.

We are currently working with Bundaberg Fruit & Vegetable Growers to manage quality through to shelf.

And we’ve helped the Australian Mango Industry Association to develop protocols for exporting and moving product as an industry.

Escavox CEO Luke Wood is a co-chair of the Traceability Solution Provider Special Interest Group (TSP-SIG).

Escavox maintains strong links with the Australian Food and Grocery Council and remains a sponsor of Stop Food Waste Australia and a member of the Refrigerated Warehouse Transporters Association (RWTA).

Have more questions?

Our system is simple to access and use. However, we realise that you may wish to know more. We’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help.

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