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The unique Escavox track logic engine automatically breaks down the supply chain into legs, so you’ll hear the voice of your food in real time.

why use Escavox

Fresh food supply chains are complex and involve multiple stakeholders.

Until Escavox, there was no mechanism to collect, analyse and share critical supply chain data, such as temperature and time at a whole-of-supply chain level. 

This lack of visibility meant opportunities to reduce inefficiency and costs in the supply chain, and to protect the quality and freshness of the product, were lost.

Due to data gaps in our supply chain, food is wasted, to the tune of more than $1 trillion globally each year.

Having the right data to identify supply chain inefficiencies and problem areas is critical to drive improvement.

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WATCH this video to find out how meat suppliers benefit from the Escavox service

why Escavox is unique

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low cost, easy-to-use, automated tracking

Escavox Blue Box Trackers require zero-touch to operate. Simply place your allocated device with your food and the Blue Box Tracker will do the rest: collecting and conveying temperature, time and location data to you in real time.

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a secure data plaform 

Tracking data is automatically collected and curated on a secure online data platform, which is easily accessed via PC, smartphone, or tablet.

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simple dashboards & smart analytics

Simple dashboards allow visibility of the conditions to which produce has been exposed, at different legs in the supply chain. 

The smart analytics employed allow: 

  • cool chain integrity to be demonstrated

  • any issues with individual shipments to be easily identified, so quick and informed decisions can be made about management of product

  • data can be easily aggregated to help indentify systemic issues.

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collaboration with supply chain partners 

Customers can choose to share data with other supply chain partners, within the secure environment, if they wish.

how we do this

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Simply place an Escavox Blue Box tracker in a carton when product is harvested or packed and the Blue Box does the rest.  As it travels through the chain, it captures time, temperature and location and creates a unique 'track' for the journey.

Track information is collected on a secure online data platform. Our smart analytics are displayed on your customised online dashboard, allowing you to easily see how your supply chain is performing, helping you make fast and informed decisions about the management of your product.


Greater visibility of the cool chain, makes it easier to see temperature and dwell time issues and allows for corrective actions to be taken. This leads to reduced rejections and loss and more consistent quality product for the customer.

how it works

  • Simply place the Blue Box tracker in a carton of produce when it's harvested or packed.
    We recommend one Blue Box tracker in one carton per pallet for higher value perishable products.


  • The Blue Box records relevant data at one hour intervals and travels untouched with the produce through the supply chain until it is displayed on the retail shelf.

  • The retailer collects the Blue Box and returns it to Escavox.

  • To see the journey of the product, access data and dashboards via Escavox's  secure online data platform.

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