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Fresh Produce Group takes global approach with Escavox supply chain intelligence

A relationship with Escavox that started in August 2020 is paying rapid and significant dividends for Fresh Produce Group (FPG) as the Australian company expands supply chain monitoring across more of its domestic and international tracks. 

From initial trials in their berry category, the Australian grower, exporter and importer of fresh produce now deploys Escavox technology across several supply chain legs to track from farm and packhouse to retail store level.  

After the data is captured and processed, FPG actively utilises Escavox-generated reports to optimise operations across their supply chains, providing assurance of product integrity and assisting with customer communications. 

Escavox technology and support is proving critical to FPG’s commitment to the high quality its domestic and international customers expect, according to FPG technical director Joseph Ekman. 

“The challenge is to identify breaks in the cold chain and to improve the performance of logistics in achieving better cold chain management for quality and shelf life,” he said. 

“Real-time location and temperature tracking allow FPG to identify where and when problems occur. We then work with our logistics partners to resolve these.” 

Obtaining comprehensive, real-world analysis of complex global supply chain operations is difficult.  

Escavox makes it easier by starting with the deployment of low-touch, no-fuss technology that focuses on tracking time, temperature, and location.  

This data is then processed through the Escavox unique track logic algorithm, providing the blueprint on which customers like FPG can build their supply chain improvement plans. 

Delivered by experts in post-harvest management within fresh produce settings, the granular detail provides end-to-end visibility of the supply chain journey and a complete narrative that describes what the food has experienced, and its resulting quality, while in-transit to the retail destination. 

“Like a great customer relationship, it’s a two-way conversation,” says Escavox chief operations officer Nici Sanderson. 

“We have software that talks the language of fresh supply chains, but it also listens to what the food is saying while being moved across the supply chain.  

“Our unique algorithms and dashboards for our customers are literally giving food a voice, so that the people who have either grown or marketed this produce can get the unvarnished truth about what is happening in the supply chain directly from the source. 

“It’s independent, agnostic, verifiable data and that’s incredibly powerful knowledge for companies to have when they need to make important decisions about their supply chains.” 

FPG technical officer Mardee Job says the Escavox service has enabled greater insights into the journey of perishable produce, highlighting where stress-points in the supply chain might be negatively impacting quality, shelf life and consumer satisfaction.  

“The alerts, data and analytics provide the power to respond in real-time to incidents that occur in transit,” she said. 

“Commercial decisions can then be made in the knowledge of potential cold chain impacts on product shelf-life expectations.  

“By investing in cold chain surveillance our logistics capabilities are strenghtened and we secure better customer service."


Image shows Escavox CEO Luke Wood, chief operating officer Nici Sanderson and chief technology officer Rob Lang meeting with FPG marketing and insights manager Meg Mason and technical officer Mardee Job to discuss advancements in supply chain operations derived from Escavox-generated intelligence and support. 

quality produce has a voice 

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