Frequently asked questions

Am I buying a service or a data logger?

You are buying a service which provides information about the journey your product takes through the supply chain – giving your product ‘a voice’. You can easily access the information by logging onto our Escavox online platform. Our simple dashboards show details of individual journeys and insights and trends over multiple journeys . We supply you with a Blue Box tracker to place in your shipments. Blue Boxes are re-usable, remain the property of Escavox and we redeploy them as soon as they are returned to us.

What is a Blue Box? What does it record? When is the data available?

The Blue Box is the name we give our recording device. It logs time, air temperature and location. Blue Boxes are smart and their recording parameters can be adapted based on the type of product they are tracking. Data from each Blue Box is transmitted and uploaded in near-real time to the Escavox platform so you can see the temperature conditions to which your product is exposed and the time that product has spent in each leg of the chain. The Blue Box continuously tracks and records data along the supply chain all the way to the designated end point. Each Blue Box creates a unique journey which will be assigned to your account upon purchase.


How many Blue Boxes do I need to use?

Given the variability of temperature across pallets, we recommend one Blue Box is used per pallet for highly perishable, high value product. Where temperature and time management are not as critical, the number of blue boxes can be reduced accordingly.


Will Blue Boxes work in all situations?

Our services and Blue Boxes can be used within Australia and on international supply routes. Our Blue Boxes operate across a wide temperature spectrum. Contact us to find out more about the suitability of our service for your supply chains.


Do I need to return my Blue Boxes?

Once we understand your supply chains we work out if it is best for you to use one-way or returnable trackers.
There are several advantages in using returnable trackers. By being returned to us, trackers can be re-used meaning we can offer more competitive pricing and minimise our environmental impacts.
There are various return options for returnable trackers:

1. We already have arrangements with a number of retailers and other intermedaries to return the Blue Boxes directly to us, once they are recieved at DC or in store.

2. If your product is destined for non-particiapting retailers or not passing through intermedaries that we work with, we will work with you and your supply chain partners to develop a suitable return mechanism.

3. If you have Blue Boxes in your possession that will not be used, we require these to be returned to us.


What is our approach to technology?

We use a range of technology to deliver the best service to you.
For temperature, time and location tracking we use the best ‘fit-for-purpose’ technology’ that economically delivers the information you need. Our hardware team are continuously working on optimising the Blue Boxes to work in all conditions and locations to maximise ease of use and data availability.
Our data engineers and scientists are dedicated to providing an efficient, secure and stable data platform with a user-friendly and insightful interface.


Do I own my data? Who can see and use my data?

Yes, you own your data. Only those people to whom you provide access (login details) or specific permission can see it.
We encourage the sharing of data between participants in your supply chain, so all parties can work togehter to maximise the quality journey of your product and deliver the freshest possible product to the consumer.
We also request that our data engineers and scientist are able to access your data, so we can improve underlying analytics and algorithms specifically to improve the service we offer you.


How do I find out more?

Contact Escavox at to see if our solutions are right for your business.


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