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Our Customer Care team brings expertise in post-harvest technology, food systems and logistics to enhance the Escavox service.

Our service fosters greater collaboration along the supply chain, while encouraging accountability. This allows our customers - growers, retailers and other supply chain partners - to find efficiencies, create value and improve the quality and freshness of the products they offer to consumers 


When you work with Escavox, you will benefit from a service solution that will support your business as you grow.

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If you work in the fresh produce sector, Stephanie is one of the first Escavox team members you are likely to meet.

With a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with first class honours, Stephanie’s passion for improving food quality and reducing waste is what brought her to Escavox, and continues to motivate her when assisting customers to improve their supply chains.

“It’s important to understand and appreciate what it takes to produce and distribute fresh food,” Stephanie says.

“I love working at Escavox because we’re all about ensuring the effort that goes into producing food is not wasted through supply chain inefficiency.”


 Stephanie Mackillop 

Pru’s speciality is looking after customers in the animal protein category.

With a Bachelor of Biotechnology (Hon), Pru brings her expertise to industry networks such as Meat Business Women, as well as being part of Meat & Livestock Australia’s ‘(MLA) Ambassadors for the Red Meat Industry’ program.

Pru has worked closely across Escavox’s trial work with MLA on cold chain integrity and temperature monitoring, placing her in a key role to assist customers to extract maximum value from the automated beef and lamb shelf-life calculator – exclusive to Escavox.

“Due to our investment in R&D in concert with MLA and other research partners, Escavox has developed some game-changing technology for the red meat industry,” Pru says.

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 Prudence Powell 

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