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Do you want to improve the visibility and control of your supply chains?


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Escavox gives your food a voice while it moves through the supply chain.

Through the power of data delivered in real-time, you can see what your food is experiencing on the supply chain journey, either by road, air or sea anywhere in the world.  

Independent and objective data gives you the confidence to make data-informed decisions to drive efficiency and return on investment.

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If you want to improve visibility and enhance control of your supply chains, while reducing disruptions that result in product downgrades or rejections, then our solution could be for you.


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Escavox is like closed-circuit television for your supply chain. It is giving us the ability to refine and improve all our supply chain management processes - a whole of cool chain response that has quality for the consumer at its heart.

Antony Allen, CEO, The Avolution

the problems we address

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One-third of the world’s commercially grown food is never consumed, representing more than $1 trillion lost from the global supply chain each year. (UN Food and Agriculture Organization). Having the right data to identify  supply chain inefficiencies and problem areas is critical to drive improvement. 

Fresh food supply chains are complex and involve multiple stakeholders. Without Escavox there is no mechanism to collect, analyse and share critical supply chain data, such as temperature and time,  at a whole-of-supply chain level.  This lack of visibility means opportunities to reduce inefficiency and costs in the supply chain and to protect the quality and freshness of the product are lost.

quality produce has a voice 

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