Escavox was founded in 2018 with the purpose of providing the best solutions for identifying and managing issues that inherently affect the value of our fresh food supply chains.


Our board and management team have significant experience in the fresh food space and other enabling disciplines - from retailing, logisitcs & supply chain, production, marketing, exporting,  to IoT and banking technology.  Utilising our skills, knowledge and networks we are setting about finding the affordable and valuable solutions for our customers, and changing the way fresh food is managed. 


Knowing that time and temperature in the supply chain have the greatest impact on product quality, and that there is often no
end-to-end visibility of product as it moves through the chain, we are starting with a service that addresses these issues. By providing independent and objective data and analysis, we can score the performance of supply chains and help with decison making around the management of product in the supply chain and more strategic supply chain investments. 


Our service encourages greater collaboration along the supply chain, accountability and allows our customers - growers, retailers and other supply chain partners - to find efficiencies, create value and improve the quality and freshness of the products they offer to consumers ... whether it is fresh produce, meat, seafood or dairy - in Australia or in international markets.

Working with our customers, we are building a service solution that will support their businesses as they grow and aim to meet the more exacting demands of their markets, customers and consumers.

quality produce has a voice 

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