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Get real-time supply chain visibility

  • Reduce rejections
  • Secure revenue
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Eradicate waste

Who we can help

If you want more control over your supply chain – to enhance quality, maintain freshness, lower costs, and reduce waste – then Escavox is for you.

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How we work with you

Supply chains are our speciality. We also know a lot about data – how to get it, how to report it and how to interpret it.

When combined, we help you understand how your supply chain works and how it impacts your product so that you can make adjustments, big or small, to improve performance.

What does our technology do

We focus on what your product tells us as it moves through the supply chain.

Using Internet of Things (IoT) technology and smart algorithms, we capture and convey this independent data in real time. We like to call it closed circuit TV for your supply chain.

 The ‘voice’ we give to your product, coupled with additional guidance from our expert team, will tell you where your supply chain is operating well and where it may need improvement.

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We give our customers confidence.

We help you improve your supply chain with confidence by informing your decisions with data points that are independently captured, verifiable and validated through rigorous testing, real-world application and industry feedback.

We only have one planet. We’re doing our part to look after our home.

Our answers to food waste, food miles and carbon emissions.


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