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“quality produce has a voice that you can trust!”

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We give a voice to fresh food in the supply chain 
to help you make better informed decisions …
so you can deliver consistent fresh quality product,
reduce losses and protect your brand.

Escavox provides independent and objective data on the performance of fresh food supply chains, from farm to retail shelf, so better informed decisions can be made about the management of product and investments in the supply chain.


Greater visibility of the cool chain, makes it easier to see temperature and dwell time issues and allows for corrective actions to be taken. This leads to reduced rejections and loss and more consistent quality product for the customer. 

how we do this ...

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We offer a service to help growers, retailers and other supply chain partners manage their supply chain more effectively.


Simply place an Escavox Blue Box tracker in a carton when product is harvested or packed and the Blue Box does the rest.  As it travels through the chain, it captures time, temperature and location and creates a unique 'track' for the journey.

The track information is collected on a secure online data platform, and  our smart analytics and online dashboard allow you to easily see how your supply chain is performing and helps you make fast and informed decisions about management of your product. 

what you get  ...

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visibility of the supply chain
 - easy to see
temp and dwell time through different legs of the chain

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the ability to identify and predict
fresh food supply

chain issues

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the information to help you deliver fresh quality product from farm to retail shelf every time

a reduction in quality
loss, safety stock by understanding and addressing issues better

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greater insights –
see performance of
all your suppliers /
customers and the
quality of supply chain they provide


Improved supply chain performance - reduced rejections, loss and waste

Improved brand performance and customer satisfaction

Improved efficiency by automatically integrating other essential product data

the problems we address

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Every year in Australia $20bn of food is wasted and globally this figure is as high as $1 trillion.  Improved management of fresh food supply chains can help reduce these losses. Having the right data to identify  supply chain inefficiencies and problem areas is critical to drive improvement. 

Fresh food supply chains are complex and involve multiple stakeholders. Currently there is no mechanism to collect, analyse and share critical supply chain data, such as temperature and time,  at a whole-of-supply chain level.  This lack of visibility means opportunties to reduce inefficiency and costs in the supply chain and to protect the quality and freshness of the product are lost.

quality produce has a voice